Mathematics -Work Book Class XII – C.B.S.E. ( Fully Solved )


Mathematics workbook class 12

Special Features :

(1) More than 1200 questions ( Fully Solved)
(2) Past Year’s Problems
(3) Very Short Answer Questions, Short Answer Questions & Long Answer Questions
(4) Questions cover all concepts of the chapter
(5) Strictly as per guidelines of C.B.S.E.


Why this work book class 12 cbse fully solved solutions Online ?

This mathematics workbook for class 12 is prepared according to the requirements of students of class 12 students. During my past 15 years of experience lot of students asked for thos important questions,conceptual problems which would be useful in scoring more marks in Mathematics. For this purpose,I prepared this workbook which can help students who want to practice more and more problems.

What topics are covered in this workbook of class 12 mathematics?

This book covers all the important topics and concepts that are prescribed in NCERT Curriculum and CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Syllabus.
The following topics are covered in this workbook of class 12 mathematics :

Chapter No. Chapter
Chapter 1 Relations and Functions
Chapter 2 Inverse Trigonometric
Chapter 3 Matrices
Chapter 4 Determinants
Chapter 5 Continuity
Chapter 6 Application of Derivatives
ā€¨Chapter 7 Integrals
Chapter 8 Application of Integrals
Chapter 9 Differential Equations
Chapter 10 Vector Algebra
Chapter 11 Three Dimensional Geometry
Chapter 12 Linear Programming
Chapter 13 Probability

How will this workbook in Mathematics for class 12 help students?

This workbook in mathematics covers all the conceptual problems which are very important for students of class 12. Problems are also taken from previous years’ board exams,which enhances the confidence of students in “how to tackle board problems”.
By practicing this mathematics workbook students will be able to enhance their marks in board very easily and their self-confidence will increase before board exams.

How will this workbook in Mathematics for class 12 help teachers?

This workbook in Mathematics for class 12 has been designed in such a manner that it will not only help students but also teachers who are teaching in schools or in after-school classes. With the help of this workbook teachers can give problems to students which are more than 1200 in this mathematics workbook. This will help their students to enhance their mathematical skills and will be able to handle a variety of problems that are asked in board exams.

Does this mathematics workbook of class 12 contain previous years’ board problems as well?

Yes,it covers most of the questions which have been asked in previous board exams.

Does this mathematics workbook of class 12 contain short answer questions and very short answer questions as well?

Yes, this workbook of mathematics also contains the short answer and very short answer questions.

Is this workbook of mathematics for class 12 is fully solved?

Yes, this workbook of mathematics is fully solved.

Who can use this workbook?

This workbook is useful for students of class 12 of the CBSE board as well as for ISC board students.


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