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Subtraction of Matrices Assignment Class X ICSE Board

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Subtraction of Matrices Assignment – Class X ICSE Board

Subtraction of Matrices Assignment – Class X ICSE Board

Welcome to MathStudy.in, where we offer a range of free assignments designed to help Class X ICSE Board students master key concepts in mathematics. This assignment focuses on the subtraction of matrices, a foundational topic that enables students to understand more complex algebraic structures and operations. By the end of this assignment, you will have practiced subtracting matrices of various sizes and applied this knowledge to solve real-world problems.

Understanding Matrix Subtraction

Matrix subtraction is similar to matrix addition and requires that both matrices involved have the same dimensions. The difference of two matrices, A and B, is found by subtracting the corresponding elements from each matrix. If A = [aij] and B = [bij], then their difference, C, is calculated as C = A – B = [aij – bij].

Assignment Questions

  1. Subtract the following matrices:

    1. A = [2 5; 3 8], B = [1 0; 4 2]

    2. C = [-3 7; 5 -6], D = [4 3; -2 8]

  2. Given matrices P = [1 2 3; 4 5 6; 7 8 9] and Q = [9 8 7; 6 5 4; 3 2 1], find P – Q and then Q – P. Discuss the results.
  3. Consider a scenario where Matrix X represents the initial quantities of two products in a store, and Matrix Y represents the quantities sold by the end of the day. Calculate the remaining quantities in the store. Use X = [50 30; 20 40] and Y = [15 10; 5 20].
  4. Apply matrix subtraction to find the error matrix E given the theoretical matrix T = [3 5; 2 1] and the experimental matrix E = [2 4; 3 3]. Discuss the significance of the error matrix in scientific experiments.

Reflection Questions

  • How does the concept of matrix subtraction enhance your understanding of matrices in general?
  • Can you think of a situation in your daily life where matrix subtraction could be applied? Describe the matrices involved.
  • How might the skill of subtracting matrices be useful in other subjects or fields of study?

We hope this assignment not only strengthens your grasp of matrix subtraction but also stimulates your interest in exploring how matrices are used in various real-world contexts. For more resources and assignments, visit MathStudy.in. Happy learning!

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