These Full Length Mock Tests are  prepared for class IX, X, XI & XII ( CBSE  ) students.
  • Number of Tests : Five Mock Tests – Full Length ( Complete Syllabus)
  • Answer Sheet Submission : Student will scan the answer sheet and submit via mail or wattsapp.
  • Result : As soon as the student submit the test , he / she will get the result after checking the answer sheets via mail or wattsapp . These sheets will be send back to student with their respective scores.
  • Solutions & Doubt clearing session ( Online ): After updating the results of students one doubt clearing session will be conducted on respective test.  This session will be conducted after every test and schedule of the online session will be informed after the test only.

Advantage of Tests :

  • These test will enhance the concept understanding skills of students
  • These tests are designed as per the latest guidelines of CBSE for 2020 exams.
  • Students will be able to tackle their final exams  with more confidence.
  • It will enhance the speed of students to tackle questions.
  • Students will be able to score more in their respective exams.

More questions and how to purchase these tests ?

Write To :  [email protected]

NOTE : Students who are purchasing offline test package will get 50% discount in online test package.