Math book class 1
Who can use this Math book class 1 ?

This workbook is useful for students of class 1 which is in compliance with international standards whether it is USA, UK, Canada, India, Europe, China or other part of the world.

What is the benefit of these workbooks available at ?

We also provide tailored worksheets for our students ie. we prepare worksheets for different classes as per the requirements of students, school, parents, and teachers.


Math workbook class 1

Why is this Math book class 1 fully solved?

This mathematics workbook for class 1 is prepared according to the requirements of students of class 1 . During my past 15 years of experience, a lot of parents search for the best worksheets for their kids which help their kids to enhance mathematical skills and also increase interest in mathematics. For this purpose, I prepared these workbooks which can help students who want to practice more and more worksheets and also for those who are preparing for some competitions like International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) etc.

What topics/concepts are covered in this Math book class 1 ?

This book covers all the important topics and concepts that are required for students of class 1 like addition, subtraction, reverse counting,odd-even numbers etc.

How this workbook in Math book class 1 will help students?

This workbook in mathematics covers all the conceptual problems which are very important for students of class 1. There are a variety of problems in this workbook that enhance the confidence of students in “how to tackle conceptual problems”. By practicing this mathematics workbook students will be able to enhance their mathematical skills and their self-confidence will also increase.

How this Math workbook class 1 will help teachers?

This workbook in Mathematics for class 1 has been designed in such a manner that it will not only help students but also teachers who are teaching in schools or in after school classes. With the help of this workbook teachers can give worksheets ( which can be easily printed) to students which are more than 150 in this mathematics workbook. There are a lot of word problems and practice tests (full syllabus) at the end of this workbook. This will help their students to enhance their mathematical skills and will be able to handle variety of problems.

Does this Math book class 1 contain short word problems also?

Yes, this workbook of mathematics also contains a lot of word problems.

Is this workbook of mathematics for class 1 fully solved?

Yes, this workbook of mathematics is fully solved.


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