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Class 12 Mathematics NCERT Solutions

Class 12 Mathematics NCERT Solutions

During the past 15 years our faculties have developed lot of study material for students preparing for JEE,SAT,CAT,SSC,BANK PO,CDS,NDA etc. Now we have developed those content in the form of pdf e-books so that we will be able to help more and more students across the country. We wish you best of luck for your competitions.

E-Books Available HERE

We are pioneer in content development for Mathematics, Physics,Chemistry,English and all other subjects for compeititive exams.

How can we help Coaching Institutes :

1. We can provide tailored solutions for coaching instiutes with the help of our extremely dedicated and experienced team of developers. We have a team of highly experienced Web Application developers which can provide perfect solutions as per the requirement of your insitute.

2. Our highly experienced faculties can create content for you which will be the best and error free.

3. We are having online testing platform for Competitions like JEE & NEET.Which can be further developed as per the requirement of the institute.

4. These online testing platform have the ability to detect the level of understanding of each student and will provide questions as per their level.

How can we help Schools :

1. We are having online testing platform for grade 6-12.This can be developed as per the requirement of the schools.

2. We are having entire school management platform to fulfill the end to end requirement of your school.

3. We can develop tailored solution for schools, with the help of our highly experienced team of developers.

4. We can provide online coaching to students for JEE & NEET which will be on our highly advanced online platform.



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Our ebook website brings you the convenience of instant access to a diverse range of titles, spanning genres from fiction and non-fiction to self-help, business.


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Our ebook website brings you the convenience of instant access.


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