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Quantitative Aptitude (QA) is common to all MBA entrance exams. This is one of the most important / major skills that is tested for selection of candidate who seeks admission in any MBA college. QA covers major topics of Mathematics studied in Class 9 and 10 but of advance level. Topics covered in quantiative aptitude are : Trigonometry,Algebra,Geometry,Mensuration and Modern Math form the basis of QA section.

How to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT or other exams ?

QA preparation for CAT and other MBA entrance exams such as XAT, SNAP, CMAT, NMAT, MAT and IIFT exam, should be divided into two parts.
1. Understanding topics and concepts
2. Practicing sample questions and mock tests

CAT PRACTICE TESTSĀ  15 Mock Tests ( Fully Solved)
Quantitative Aptitude (Mathematics)
Designed according to the latest syllabus for 2022-23 Exam

1. 15 Practice Tests Fully Solved
2. Designed by highly experienced faculties having more than 15+ years of experience
3. Tried and Tested on more than hundreds of students.
4. Every year updated as per latest syllabus of CAT
5. Highly conceptual problems are included to boost concepts of students
6. Short cut tricks are also mentioned.
7. More than 500 problems to practice.
8. Value for money

What is the purpose of this CAT Sample papers of Mathematics?

This E-Book contains very similar problems which were asked in previous CAT and other MBA entrance exams. Along with exposure to question types, we have put up some useful tips and tricks ( short cut tricks) in some questions, which will help students to save time during exam ( which is very important ) .You can use these tips to identify what you need to keep in mind for solving questions for different topics.

Who can use this E-Book CAT Mock tests pdf?

Students who are preparing for CAT and other MBA entrance exams such as XAT, SNAP, CMAT, NMAT, MAT and IIFT exam can use this E-books CAT Exam Mock Test.

cat sample papers with solutions pdf

Does this CAT Mock tests cover all CAT Maths Topics?

Yes, this CAT Mock test papers covers all the topics which are asked in CAT or other MBA entrace exam. Quant Questions which appear in CAT are often tricky. As a result, an orthodox textbook method may not always be preferable in solving these CAT questions.


What are the pre-requisite to use this CAT Mock test papers ?

To solve CAT questions on Quant, it is imperative one should not that he / she not only to be good with the concepts of major topics of Quantitative Aptitude for CAT but he / she should be good at applying various shortcuts and tricks to get to the answers quickly.


What is the level of these Quant CAT Questions?

These CAT Mock test papers, comprise of questions which are of varied difficulty level.These questions are designed as per the requirement of CAT, so that students will get the maximum benefit from these CAT Mock tests.


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