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Welcome to mathstudy.in, your number one source for best online mock tests for JEE, BITSAT, VIT, SAT, CAT, GMAT. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of online mock tests, with a focus on concepts, quality of questions, short cuts, vedic math tricks and much more.

Founded in 2012 by Sachin Sharma, Mathematics Teacher & Founder ( Udgam Welfare Foundation – A non profit organisation www.udgamwelfarefoundation.in ) having more than 15+ years of experience and have proven results. On mathstudy.in, you will get the mock tests which have the following best features :

  1. Cover each small topics and concepts.
  2. Helpful in quick revision: a variety of questions which will help the candidate for quick revision before the JEE & other exam.
  3. Best problems: These tests are a conglomeration of problems which were asked in some reputed international exams.
  4. Result Analysis: After submission of the test, it will show you the result instantly and you will be able to know your progress.
  5. Topicwise Tests: Students who are in class XI and are preparing for JEE, they can give topic wise tests also which are FREE of cost available on this website.
  6. Tailored Test: In case any student want part tests on a few topics, I can also provide these tests ( on-demand basis ).
  7. The solution of problems : Once the student submits the test, you will see your result and solution of the problems after each problem. In this way, student can check their errors or what concept should be used to tackle these problems. In a few problems, you will get two methods of solving these problems.
  8. Quick Tricks – Vedic Mathematics: In few problems, quick tricks are applied by using some Vedic formulas which will help the student to save their time during the examination.
  9. Improvement in Result : These TWENTY FIVE MOCK TESTS OF JEE MAINS will improve about 18% – 22% of score in Mathematics.
  10. You can also ask questions on https://mathematicsforum.in , this is also our own initiative.

There are Topicwise Tests available on this website on all the topics of class XI & XII . These topic wise tests are available FREE OF COST.

There are overall TWENTY-FIVE FULL-LENGTH MOCK TESTS on mathematics ( 10 + 15 ) , Ten mock tests are free of costs and Fifteen mock tests are on a payment basis ( very minimal – which is basically to support my NGO – Udgam Welfare Foundation( A Non-Profit Organisation – since 2012 – www.udgamwelfarefoundation.in) )

Hope you will take full advantage of these tests, and support my NGO . in case of any discrepancy you can mail me @ [email protected] so that I will keep on updating this website and make it the best place for every Math Nerd preparing for JEE.

Best of Luck !

Sachin Sharma,
Mathematics Teacher & Founder – Udgam Welfare Foundation,

Twitter : https://twitter.com/sachin10011978

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/udgamwelfarefoundation/?ref=bookmarks

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/sachin-sharma-7950a52b/

Website : https://mathstudy.in

Our ebook website brings you the convenience of instant access.


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